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Support our hospitals

A Contribution that Lasts a Lifetime

Shriners Permanent Contributing Member Program

Universities, service clubs and associations all promote lifetime memberships. Did you know that Shriners International offers nobles a chance to be life members of its health care system?

Through the Shriners Permanent Contributing Membership program, Shriners may make a one-time donation in lieu of the hospital assessment that is included in your dues each year. It’s an excellent way for you to support your philanthropy, and this contribution may be taken as a charitable deduction if you itemize on your taxes.

Your membership adds to a special endowment fund that directly supports our hospitals. This means your gift will serve for generations to come because only the income from the gift will be spent annually to help the children served by our hospitals. A noble contributing to the fund will receive a certificate suitable for framing and a dues card bearing a special seal indicating he is a Permanent Contributing Member.

Contact your temple recorder for more information and to become a member today.

Permanent Contributing Membership is an excellent gift for:

  • Fathers to give their sons when they become nobles
  • Wives to give their husbands who are nobles
  • Units to use as a special recognition for outstanding Shriners who are officers or volunteers